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This Arena isn't longer available. It was replaced by Heroes' Duel.


Stated in-game.
In the Arena, players can join PvP battles against other players. There are 5 opponents in total to choose from. The opponent list will refresh at 4:00 am and 4:00 pm. Win battles to receive Medals. Fight with all your might to obtain Medals and redeem them for special items at the Medal Shop.

Arena BasicsEdit

If you're having trouble winning a battle, try changing your party makeup or using Spheres differently. It's also a good idea to try making strong equipment or scout a strong unit to use in your party. It won't hurt to lose a few times so keep fighting and try your best.

Victory RewardsEdit

Besides receiving Medals after winning battles at the Arena, there are also rewards that can be received based on player's weekly victory count. Weekly Victory Count Rewards are counted from Monday at 4:00 am to the next week's Monday at 3:59:59 am. Please be advised rewards must be accepted within a week of when they have been earned. After this period, they will disappear so remember to accept rewards often.

The rewards provided by the Arena consist of Luna, elemental Fairies and Gems.

Rewards Requirements
Uncharted Map 1 Win
2000 Link Points 3 Wins
Fire Fairy 5 Wins
5000 Luna 10 Wins
Water +1 Fairy 15 Wins
Timeworm Watch 20 Wins
Earth +1 Fairy 25 Wins
3000 Link Points 30 Wins
Heaven's Tear 35 Wins
10000 Luna 40 Wins
Light +2 Fairy 45 Wins
150 Gem 50 Wins