Stated in-game.


Complete Challenges to receive special rewards! Start easy and work your way up!

Normal ChallengesEdit

Challenge Conditions Reward
Break 500 Damage! Deal over 500 DMG in 1 turn in a cleared Quest Gem x5
Comette's Neighbor Log in for 1 day Gem x5
New Encounter Scout a unit 1 time Gem x10
Running Start Attain Rank 5 Gem x5
A Servant's Trust Clear "Machinia" Gem x5
Superfoe (Alraune) Defeat "Ghastly Alraune" Gem x10
Superfoe (King Scorpion) Defeat the "Scorpion Gang" Gem x10
Superfoe (Manticore) Defeat the "Miserable Manticore" Gem x10
Superfoe (Goblin Lord) Defeat the "Champion Goblin" Gem x10
Superfoe (Troll King) Defeat the "Evil Troll King" Gem x10
Superfoe (Dullahan) Defeat the "Fallen Knight Dullahan" Gem x10
Break 2500 Damage! Deal over 2,500 DMG in 1 turn in a cleared Quest Gem x5
Succession of Power Strengthen a unit 1 time Gem x10
Newfound Power Evolve a unit 1 time Gem x5
Comette's Friend Log in for 2 days Gem x10
New Customer Craft 1 piece of equipment at the Smithy Gem x5
My First Friend Become Friends with 1 person Gem x10
Special Memory (10) Unlock 10 units in the Unit Library Gem x5
Challenger Fight at the Arena 1 time Gem x5
Average Hunter Join a Bounty 10 times Gem x10
What a Leader! Host a Bounty 1 time Gem x10
What an Ally! Join a Bounty 3 times as a guest Gem x10
Progressive Employment Scout a unit 10 times Gem x10

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