Devil Sweet Tooth was a two-part Raid Event in Grand Sphere. It was preceded by Winter Gift Rush and was followed by Ondine of the Deep Returns. You can access this event from the Town Square. It started after maintenance on February 8, 2018 and ended on February 22, 2018 at 2:00 AM PDT/PST.

New UnitsEdit

Part 1 Edit

The following units were introduced alongside this event on February 8, 2018:

Platinum Units Edit

Name Grand Ability Skill Ability Obtained From
Stella, Heartful Icon
Stella, Heartful
7★ Element Light Icon
All units ATK drastically UP, enemies DEF drastically down
Tender Moment
Light DMG over time, DEF drastically down
Cake of Concord
Raises skills as HP decreases (ATK,DEF,crit. rate,skill gauge), all units: ATK drastically UP & skill DMG UP x1.5
Valentine's Step Up, Limited Scout & Valentine's Ticket Scout

Normal Units Edit

Name Skill Ability Obtained From
Lakoka, Yummy Secret Icon
Lakoka, Yummy Secret
7★ Element Dark Icon
Sugar Hop
Dark DMG over time to all, ATK & DEF down
Brightly Sweet
Dark units: ATK & critical hit rate drastically UP
Valentine's Step Up & Valentine's Ticket Scout
Rubecka, Luscious Bonbons Icon
Rubecka, Luscious Bonbons
6★ Element Dark Icon
Chocolate Swing
Dark ATK on one enemy, restores HP of all units
Boldly Sweet
Mages ATK drastically UP, enemies skill DMG down
150 Discovery wins against Raid Bosses
Mariora, Citrus Appeal Icon
Mariora, Citrus Appeal
7★ Element Light Icon
Orange Twist
Light ATK on one enemy, all units ATK & DEF UP
Freshly Sweet
Assassins DEF drastically UP, self may defy death with 1 HP
250 Discovery wins against Raid Bosses

Part 2 Edit

The following units were introduced alongside this event on February 8, 2018:

Normal Units Edit

Name Skill Ability Obtained From
Carra, Daring Delight Icon
Carra, Daring Delight
7★ Element Light Icon
Saviory Bite
Light DMG over time to all, DEF drastically down
Poppy Sweet
Warriors: DEF drastically UP & boosts skill gauge
Valentine's Step Up & Valentine's Ticket Scout
Anelace, Belied Nature Icon
Anelace, Belied Nature
7★ Element Earth Icon
Fatal Flower
Earth DMG over time, ATK drastically UP
Stranger Pleasures
If HP < 60% ATK & skill gauge fill rate & skill DMG extremely UP
Medal Shop - 800,000 Dire Souls

Past Units Edit

The following units only can be got in the Valentine's Ticket Scout:


  • Out of Control Bosses. Instead of different types of Raid Bosses of varying strengths, the main Raid Boss will sometimes go "Out of Control" after being defeated. Out of Control Bosses are strong, but the rewards are great.
  • Giga Boss added. Work together to defeat this incredibly powerful boss.
  • Title Rankings added. New rankings based on your battles in the event.
  • special Event Item change. Now raises Out of Control chance, as well as makes 10 bosses appear.
  • "Fever Time" removed.
  • "No Control Time" added. Bosses go out of control more often during No Control Time at specified times in Part 2 of the event.

Event Details Edit

Stated in-game

In this event, players will work together to defeat Raid Bosses, gain points, and aim for the highest Ranking. Players can receive Rank Rewards, Discovery Win Rewards, Assistance Win Rewards, Event Reward Units and Evo Materials. Points can be received by defeating Raid Bosses. The amount of points received will vary based on the strength of each Raid Boss.

Out of Control Bosses Edit

When a Raid Boss is defeated, it may go "Out of Control" and reappear as a more powerful boss. The Raid Boss will go out of control only for the Discoverer of the boss. One more Out of Control type will be added in Part 2 (2/15 post-maintenance). The levels of Out of Control Bosses will reset when Part 2 begins.

No Control Time Edit

At certain times, there will be "No Control Time", during which the Raid Boss will go out of control more often.

<No Control Time Schedule> Edit

All times are PDT/PST

7:00 am to 8:00 am
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
10:00 pm to 11:00 pm

No Control time will no start until Part 2 of the event

Giga Boss Edit

The Giga Boss will appear at certain times from the official account "[Operations]". It is fought in the same way as other Raid Bosses. The Giga Boss yields more points and, if defeated, rarer rewards than the Raid Boss or Out of Control Bosses. As many players join the fight as possible because the Giga Boss has an enormous amount of HP.

"[Operations]" is an official account made specifically to battle the Giga Boss. It will not participate in game play and cannot interact with players' accounts.

Title Rankings Edit

These special rankings are based on your battles in the event. Check out all 10 categories on the Title Rankings page.

Title Ranking Categories Edit

Title Condition
Boss Killer Most bosses defeated
Lucky Winner Most Jackpot bosses defeated
Let It Go ♪ Most bosses escaped
Unconditional Most assists
Help! Most ally requests
High Energy Most BP spent
Best Friend Most friend assists
Big Guns Highest damage dealt in 1 turn
Damage King Highest total damage dealt
Giga Hunter Highest total damage dealt to Giga Boss

Raid Boss Edit

Players will have the chance to encounter Raid Bosses after they have cleared a quest. There is one type of Raid Bosses. The level of the Raid Boss will reset when Part 2 begins (2/15 post-maintenance). Each player can discover a single Raid Boss. Once the discovered Raid Boss has been defeated, players may encounter the next Boss. Each time a Raid Boss is defeated the following Boss will become stronger. The Raid Boss must be defeated within a certain amount of time. Should players fail to defeat the Raid Boss within the allotted time, the Raid Boss will retreat and no points will be received.

Jackpot Boss Edit

Players will have the chance. just as with normal Raid Bosses, to encounter the Jackpot Boss after they have cleared the quest. The Jackpot Boss is fought in the same way as a raid Boss. Compared to normal Raid Bosses, the Jackpot Boss gives a greater number of points and, if defeated, has a much greater chance of dropping more special event materials. Very little damage can be done the Jackpot Boss, but its HP is low, so the best way to defeated it is to receive as much assistance from other players as possible. Only Blast Spheres appear in Jackpot Boss battles

Overpower Edit

When a player has a party with ATK higher than a certain amount, a boss can be defeated without the need to battle. ATK bonuses from any Bonus Units in the party are included. Use units with the Attribute advantage against a boss to raise Overpower ATK even more.

Raid Battles Edit

During Raid Battles, players will use Battle Points (BP) to launch attacks until they win or lose a battle. The following conditions decide whether a player will win or lose a battle:

Results in a Win Edit

1. Reduce a Raid Boss's HP to 0.

Results in a Loss Edit

1. The Raid Party is completely annihilated.
2. Players cannot reduce the Raid Boss's HP to 0 within the allotted turns.

The allotted turns for each Raid will depend on the amount of BP used. Normal Attack (1 BP): 5 Turns, Power Attack (3 BP): 10 Turns. Should players exceed the allotted time amount of time, players will not receive any points regardless of defeating the Raid Boss.

Battle Points (BP) Edit

BP are necessary to launch Normal Attacks and Power Attacks during a Raid Battle. A player may possess a total of 6 BP. BP will be spent each time a player launches a Normal or Power Attack. Units used in a Raid Battle will have increased abilities depending on the amount of BP a player has used.

[When self-discovered] Edit
  • 1 BP (1st ATK 0 BP) → Normal Attack (ATK x1)
  • 3 BP → Power Attack (ATK x5, HP x2)
  • 1 BP → Overpower (skip battle)
[When accepting a direct Ally Request (Friend)] Edit
  • 1 BP (1st ATK 0 BP) → Normal Attack (ATK x1)
  • 3 BP → Power Attack (ATK x5, HP x2)
[When accepting an open Ally Request] Edit
  • 1 BP (1st ATK 0 BP) → Normal Attack (ATK x1)
  • 3 BP → Power Attack (ATK x3, HP x2)

ATK and HP bonuses received through Power Attacks will be based on a Unit's base ATK, excluding adjustments from Summons and Equipment. When challenging a Raid Boss you have discovered yourself or one from a direct "Ally Request", the first attack of a "Normal Attack" will not use any BP. "Power Attacks" will still require 3 BP for the first attack. 1 BP will be restored every 15 minutes. BP can be completely recovered by using a "BP Elixir". BP Elixirs can be purchased from the Event Shop or received as a reward after defeating a Raid Boss. After a RANK UP, a player's BP will be completely replenished.

"Ally Request" Function Edit

Players that have failed to defeat a Raid Boss may use an "Ally Request" for assistance (Friends or Friends + All). When selecting "Friends + All", the request will appear in the Open Requests list. Only "Discoverers" can utilize the "Ally Request" function. Players who have responded to an Ally Request may not utilize this function. Ally Request can only be used once from the Battle Result screen. Players must battle against a Raid Boss once more to be able to use the Ally Request function. When selecting "Friends" or "All", only a random portion of those players will be sent an Ally Request. The Ally Request function can be used up until 5 minutes before the end of the allotted time to defeat a Raid Boss. The function cannot be used with less than 5 minutes of the allotted time remaining.

"Link Bonuses" Edit

Link Bonuses occur when 3 or more players join a Raid Battle by answering an Ally Request. A bonus will be added to ATK power. The more players that join the battle, the bigger the bonus will be. All players currently in battle will receive the effect of the Link Bonus. Max bonus of ATK x2 may be received from Link Bonuses. There is no Link bonus when joining a battle from the "Open Requests" list.

"Raid Rewards" Edit

Players can receive points and rewards in the following ways when a Raid Boss is defeated:

  • 1. Players who have discovered a Boss can receive "Boss Discovery Rewards" and "Discovery Wins".
  • 2. Players who have joined a Raid Boss Battle can receive "Raid Assistance Rewards" and "Assistance Wins".

The more damage a player deals to a Raid Boss, the easier it is to receive a better reward from Raid Assistance Rewards. How many points and what type of reward can be received depends on the strength of the Raid Boss a player has defeated. Rewards will be sent to the Inbox. Rewards will vary from player to player. Even if players defeat the same Raid Boss, they may all receive different rewards. Points will be awarded when a player deals damage to and defeats a Raid Boss.

▼ Points Edit

Points can be obtained by:

  • 1. Dealing damage to a Raid Boss.
  • 2. Defeating a Raid Boss.
▼ Raid Wins Edit

If a Raid Boss a player has discovered is defeated, it will be counted toward that player's (Boss) Discovery Wins. If a Raid Boss is defeated by a player responding to an Ally Request, it will be counted toward that player's (Raid) Assistance Wins.

Special Event Item Edit

Use the "Love Potion" special event item from the Event TOP page to make 10 Raid bosses appear in succession. When a boss is defeated or retreats, the next boss can be fought. "Love Potions" are available during the event from the current "Step Up Scout" and from Event Login Bonus rewards.

When Event Ends Edit

After the maintenance at the end of the event, any remaining Love Potions will automatically be converted to Mini AP Elixirs. The mini AP Elixirs will be sent to the Inbox. Any Jolly Juices still in the inbox will also automatically be converted to Mini AP Elixirs.

Event Bonus Units Edit

The following units receive ATK bonuses during Boss Battles in the event:

Rare Event Equipment Edit

Special event materials necesary to craft Rare Event Equipment can be received after defeating Raid Bosses. A bonus will only be conferred on the Event Login Bonus Reward equipment.

[Rare Event Equipment] Edit

▼ Craft at Smithy Edit
Item Bonus
5★ Venus Rod
4★ Virgo Vestment
▼ Part 1 Event Login Bonus Reward Edit
Wreck the Halls banner4
Item Bonus
3★ Idol Headband ATK +10% (10% base + 10% bonus = ATK +20%)

Rankings Edit

There is one group of rankings for this event: Point Rankings (not include Title). Point Rankings are determined by the total amount of points earned in Part 1 and 2. Ranking information can be confirmed via the Rankings button located in the Event Menu on the event page.Total Rank Rewards will be sent to the inbox once the event has ended. Reward details can be confirmed via the Rewards button located in the Event Menu on the event page. Final Ranking results will be tallied up and displayed in order after the event ends. In the event of a tie, final Rankings will be decided based on which player has the most Discovery Wins.

Rank Rewards
[1] Class: Paladin
6★+ Ticket x1
5★ Life Essence x20
5★ Power Essence x20
Heaven's Tear x50
[2~20] Class: S
6★+ Ticket x1
5★ Life Essence x20
5★ Power Essence x20
Heaven's Tear x50
[21~50] Class: A
5★+ Ticket x1
5★ Life Essence x10
5★ Power Essence x10
Heaven's Tear x30
[51~100] Class: B
4★+ Ticket x1
5★ Life Essence x3
5★ Power Essence x3
[101~200] Class: C
4★+ Ticket x1
[201~1000] Class: D
3★+ Ticket x1
[1001~5000] Class: E
30,000 Luna
[5001~50000] Class: F
10,000 Luna

■ Classes Edit

During the Event, players will be assigned with Classes based on their Total Rankings. Player Class will be displayed in player profiles as well as in the Pub after the Event has ended. A player's current Class and Class they will received at the end of the Event based on their current ranking will be displayed on the Event TOP page. All player's will current class is their Class obtained from the Capricious Heart event. Class may change depending on the results of future Events. Players who have received the Paladin Class past events can be seen by selecting Paladin History on the Event Menu or the Home page Menu.

■ Mat Exchange Shop Edit

The Mat Exchange Shop will open when the event ends where you can exchange leftover special event materials for Luna. The amount of Luna you can receive depends on the type of material.

▼ Material Selling Rate Edit
  • Taboo Talc: 1000 Luna
  • Am Ore: 2000 Luna
  • Heart of Love: 3000 Luna

▼ Event Participation Rewards Edit

Players who have fulfilled both of the following will receive 500 Gems at the end of the Event:

1. Attain 15 or more Discovery Wins

2. Attain 10 or more Assistance Wins

Gems will be sent to the Inbox after the Event has ended. Current Raid Battle information can be confirmed via the "History" button.

■ Event Login Bonuses Edit

Special rewards can be obtained by logging in during the event. A different reward can be obtained each day. Rewards differ between Part 1 and Part 2. The Event Login Bonus resets daily at 4:00 am PDT/PST. Event Login Bonus rewards will be sent to the Inbox.

Disclaimer Edit

Please be advised that the duration and details of this event are subject to change without notice. Players found to have taken advantage of in-game bugs or who have used illegal tools outside of the game will have event-specific items, rewards, and points removed and may be banned from GRAND SPHERE permanently.