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Goblin March was a Quest Event in Grand Sphere and was the sixth event of the game. It was preceded by Ondine of the Deep and was be followed by Halloween Knights. You were able to access this event in the Town Square. It started after maintenance on October 16, 2015 and ended on October 23, 2015 at 3:00 AM PDT/PST.

New UnitsEdit

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The following units were introduced alongside this event on October 16, 2015:

Name Skill Ability Obtained From
Epona, Star of the Show Icon
Epona, Star of the Show
4★ Element Fire Icon
Pumpkin Party
Fire ATK on one enemy
Mystic Moon
Critical hit rate UP
Halloween Scout
Stacy, Cure Maker
4★ Element Dark Icon
Pumpkin of Death
Dark ATK on all enemies
Mystic Healing
Heals own HP after turn
Halloween Scout
Ryujiro, The Fire Lighter Icon
Ryujiro, The Fire Lighter
5★ Element Fire Icon
Batty Arrow
Fire DMG over time to all enemies
Protects all Fire units against confuse
Halloween Scout

Point RewardsEdit

Point Rewards are received when a player earns a specified number of points. Each Point Reward can be received one time only. After a plyer exceeds 500,000 Pts, 10,000 Luna will be rewarded every additional 5,000 Pts earned. Points are earned each time a player clears an Event Quest. Point Rewards will be sent to a player's Inbox. Point Rewards can be confirmed via the Point Rewards button on the Event page. Points accrued will be deleted after the event has ended.

Reward Points Required
3 Gem 100 Pts
3 Gem 200 Pts
Fairy +1 Element Light Icon x1 500 Pts
3 Gem 900 Pts
3 Gem 1500 Pts
Goblin Essence x1 2000 Pts
4 Gem 2600 Pts
4 Gem 3800 Pts
Fairy +1 Element Light Icon x1 4800 Pts
4 Gem 5800 Pts
4 Gem 6500 Pts
Goblin Mace x1 8500 Pts
5 Gem 10500 Pts
5 Gem 12000 Pts
Fairy +2 Element Light Icon x1 13000 Pts
5 Gem 16000 Pts
5 Gem 18000 Pts
Fairy +2 Element Light Icon x1 20000 Pts
Fairy +2 Element Light Icon x1 25000 Pts
Holy Shield x1 30000 Pts Pts
Dark Destroyer x1 500000 Pts
10000 Luna Every 5000 Pts afterwards

Special Event EquipmentEdit

Event equipment may obtained from achieving Point Rewards.

Equipment Effects How to Obtain
Dark Destroyer Raises ATK by 30% and restores HP each turn. Reach 500000 Pts in the Goblin March event.
Holy Shield Raises HP by 20%, chance to resist a deadly attack with 1 HP. Reach 30000 Pts in the Goblin March event.
Goblin Mace Raises ATK by 15%. Reach 8500 Pts in the Goblin March event.
Goblin Essence Raises HP by 10%. Reach 2000 Pts in the Goblin March event.

Number of materials in possession can be confirmed at Smithy.

Event DetailsEdit

Stated in-game

Goblin March Banner

In this event, players will clear special Event Quests in order to earn Point Rewards to get Limited Event Equipment. Players can receive points by clearing Event Quests. There is word that Goblins have capture many fairies. Defeat them and the fairies may lend players their strength.

Difficulty LevelEdit

There are 3 levels of difficulty for Quests in this event. You must start out by completing the Beginner (BEG) Quest. Clear all Beginner Quests to join Intermediate (INT) Quests. Clear all Intermediate Quests to join Advanced (ADV) Quests. The higher the difficulty a Quest is, the more points you will receive.

Advanced Quest enemies are quite strong. Enhancing your units before joining these Quests is recommended.


Please be advised that the duration and details of this event are subject to change without notice.


Players found to have taken advantage of in-game bugs or who have used illegal tools outside of the game will have event-specific items and rewards removed and may be banned from GRAND SPHERE permanently. Units and equipment limited to this event may return in another event in the future.

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