Goliath's Ascension was a Bounty Event in Grand Sphere and is the first event of the game. It was followed by Battle Faire. You were able to access this event in the Pub. It started after maintenance on September 8, 2015 and ended on September 18, 2015 at 3:00 AM PDT/PST.

New UnitsEdit


The following units were introduced alongside this event on September 8, 2015:

Name Skill Ability Obtained From
Lucvina, Distant Knight Icon
Lucvina, Distant Knight
3★ Element Earth Icon
Lightning Flash
Earth ATK on one enemy
Basic Flash
Flash ATK Power Up
Limited Time DX Set - 3,500 Gems
Lurica, Shroud Assassin Icon
Lurica, Shroud Assassin
3★ Element Earth Icon
Twin Dragons
Earth ATK on one enemy
Protects against Sleep
Event Shop - 3,000 Golem Cores
Phanys, Firelight Gunner Icon
Phanys, Firelight Gunner
3★ Element Dark Icon
Chaos Blast
Dark DMG over time to all enemies
Basic Pierce
Pierce ATK Power UP
Limited Time DX Set - 3,500 Gems
Leticia, Dagger of Scarlet Icon
Leticia, Dagger of Scarlet
4★ Element Fire Icon
Flamin' Circus
Fire DMG over time
Special Burst
Burst ATK Power UP
Limited Time DX Set - 3,500 Gems
Presea, Arrow of Time Icon
Presea, Arrow of Time
4★ Element Water Icon
Aqua Burst
Water DMG over time
Rune of Tranquility
Water unit DEF UP
Limited Time DX Set - 3,500 Gems
Tilra, Knight of Iron Icon
Tilra, Knight of Iron
4★ Element Fire Icon
Dragon Killer
Fire ATK on one enemy
Reduces DMG taken
Event Shop - 30,000 Golem Cores
Alice, The Enchanter Icon
Alice, The Enchanter
5★ Element Water Icon
Mermaid's Rage
Water ATK on all enemies
Innocent Heart
Protects all against Paralyze
Limited Time DX Set - 3,500 Gems
Elisia, The Sworn Icon
Elisia, The Sworn
5★ Element Dark Icon
Dark ATK on all enemies
Wisdom of Nakot
All Dark units ATK UP
Event Shop - 70,000 Golem Cores
Balmung, Dark Horse Icon
Balmung, Dark Horse
5★ Element Light Icon
Thundering Heavens
Light ATK on all enemies
Hero's Cry
Warrior ATK Power UP
Limited Time DX Set - 3,500 Gems

Event DetailsEdit

Stated in-game


Goliath has once again risen from flame to wreak havoc upon Astrum. Such a strong foe cannot be defeated alone. Join allies to take down this legendary giant.

In this event, you will defeat special Bounty bosses, gather "Golem Cores" and redeem them for various rewards at the exchange.

Bounty BattlesEdit

Bounty Battles can be accessed through the Pub. You will join forces with other players to defeat bosses during Bounty Battles. You can join Bounty Battles from Rank 5. Join Bounty Battles by clicking the "Bounty Banner".

Battle TimesEdit


All times are PDT/PST

Battles were held during the following times:

6:00 am to 7:00 am
9:00 am to 10:00 am
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
11:00 pm to 12:00 am


Please be advised that the duration and the details of this event are subject to change without notice.


Players found to have taken advantage of in-game bugs or who have used illegal tools outside of the game will have event-specific items and rewards removed and may be banned from GRAND SPHERE permanently.

Special Bounty BossesEdit

  • In this event you can face the special boss "Goliath" at 4 different levels of difficulty. The higher the rank of the boss you defeat, the more "Golem Souls" you can receive. Water units are particularly effective against this Bounty boss. When a treasure chest appears during a boss battle, all players participating in that battle will receive the same item(s). The amount of "Golem Souls" received from defeating Bounty bosses may not always be the same. You may battle normal Bounty bosses during this event, however, you will not receive any "Golem Souls" from normal Bounty bosses.
Boss Medals Golem Cores
1★ Boss 100
3★ Boss 11 250
4★ Boss 500
6★ Boss 2,000 22

Rank RequirementsEdit

The 6★ Boss was added on September 14, 2015 post-maintenance.

There is a rank requirement to participate in certain special boss battles. You must be above the following ranks to participate in each respective boss battle.

Boss Rank
1★ Boss Rank 5 or higher
3★ Boss Rank 10 or higher
4★ Boss Rank 15 or higher
6★ Boss Rank 25 or higher

Special Event SphereEdit

A special event Sphere called "Icestorm Sphere" will appear only during this event's special boss battles. Set an "Icestorm Sphere" and it will attack at random. Set an "Icestorm Sphere" to a Water unit to deal extreme damage. "Icestorm Spheres" will also appear during Sphere Chains. Blast Spheres will not appear during special boss battles during this event.

The Blast Sphere effect up ability and equipment effects will be applied to "Icestorm Spheres".

Event Item - "Golem Soul"Edit

Defeat the special event boss Goliath to receive this item. "Golem Souls" can be exchanged at the Event Shop for various rewards. After the Event Shop has closed, all event items will become void. You may possess up to 9,999,999 "Golem Souls" at one time. All items received after the maximum amount has been exceed will become void.

The Event ShopEdit


The limited-time Event Shop can be accessed through the "Event Shop" banner located in the Pub. "Golem Souls" may be exchanged for various different rewards. Please take into consideration that the number items that may be exchanged is limited.

Reward Cost Amount
5★ Elisia, The Sworn Element Dark Icon 70,000 Golem Cores 2
4★ Tilra, Knight of Iron Element Fire Icon 30,000 Golem Cores 2
3★ Lurica, Shroud Assassin Element Earth Icon 3,000 Golem Cores 2
3★ Grimoire Element Water Icon 1,000 Golem Cores 10
3★ Fairy Element Water Icon 500 Golem Cores 20

Reward Cost Amount
Phoenix Pinion x1 7,000 Golem Cores 5
Dragon Stone x1 5,000 Golem Cores 5
Mythril Ore x1 3,000 Golem Cores 5

Reward Cost Amount
2★ Goliath Element Fire Icon 10,000 Golem Cores 1
Gems x10 5,000 Golem Cores 6
Medal x50 500 Golem Cores 1
Luna x1000 300 Golem Cores 100
Lint Point x100 100 Golem Cores 100

External LinksEdit

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