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This site is an unofficial wiki for Grand Sphere by Silicon Studio.

Grand Sphere is a fantasy RPG for Android and iOS. It uses the Sphere Battle system, which is a system in which the player uses command spheres that perform a variety of attacks. The player uses cards, or Units, to assign to these command spheres in order to activate them. The player will journey through many battles and areas in order to save Astrum from the Dark Spheres.

This Wiki is a work-in-progress. There is much information that still needs to be included. If you can contribute in any way, feel free to do so.

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New Units

Added during the Wondrous World Event

7★ Units:
Themis, World's Finale
Miphae, Timid Heart
Spica, Taking Heads
Urth, Letting Go
Leon, New On Stage

Latest activity

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