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Halloween Knights was an Arena Event in Grand Sphere and is the seventh event of the game. It was preceded by Goblin March and was followed by Gift Rush. You were able to access this event in the Arena and the Town Square. It started after maintenance on October 23, 2015 and ended on October 31, 2015 at 11:00 PM PDT/PST.

New UnitsEdit

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The following units were introduced alongside this event on October 23, 2015:

Name Skill Ability Obtained From
Envy, Tricky Mage Icon
Envy, Tricky Mage
4★ Element Dark Icon
Bubbly Trouble
Dark ATK on one enemy
Venom Bud
If HP is < 40%, DEF UP
Halloween Knights Set
Nellie, Fencer of Nightfall Icon
Nellie, Fencer of Nightfall
4★ Element Earth Icon
Earth DMG, may poison
Sanguine Rose
Flash ATK Power UP
[1st~10th] Ranking Reward
[11th~50th] Ranking Reward
Rolenta, Lantern of Doom Icon
Rolenta, Lantern of Doom
4★ Element Dark Icon
Pumpkin Attack
Fire DMG over time to all enemies
Blood Brothers
Protects all Fire units against confuse
Halloween Knights Set
Trixie, Trick of the Trade Icon
Trixie, Trick of the Trade
4★ Element Dark Icon
Trick or Treat
Dark ATK on one enemy
Sweet Trickery
Blast ATK Power UP
Ranking Reward
Laylah, Candy Queen Icon
Laylah, Candy Queen
5★ Element Dark Icon
Super Sonic
Dark ATK on all enemies
Magical Flow
All Mage units critical hit rate UP
[1st~10th] Ranking Reward
Suzie, The Bewitcher Icon
Suzie, The Bewitcher
6★ Element Dark Icon
Dark ATK on all enemies, may sleep
Dance of Darkness
When at MAX HP, ATK UP and critical hit rate UP
Halloween Knights Set


Rankings are determined by the total amount of points earned. Ranking information can be confirmed via the Rankings button located on the Event page. It may take some time for ranking results to be displayed. Final Ranking results will be tallied up and displayed in order after the event ends. In the event of a tie, the final ranking will be decided based on which player has the highest amount of total event battles, or whoever has dealt the highest total damage during the event.

Rank Rewards
[1st~10th] 5★ Laylah, Candy Queen Element Dark Icon x1
4★ Nellie, Fencer of Nightfall Element Light Icon x1
3★ Halloween Candy x1
5★ Witch Costume x1
[11th~50th] 4★ Nellie, Fencer of Nightfall Element Earth Icon x1
3★ Halloween Candy x1
5★ Witch Costume x1
[51st~200th] 3★ Halloween Candy x1
5★ Witch Costume x1
[201st~500th] 3★ Halloween Candy x1
[501st~1000th] 4★ Fairy +1 Element Dark Icon x1
[1,001st~3000th] 3★ Fairy Element Dark Icon x1
[3001st~5000th] 5000 Luna
[5,001st~10000th] 2000 Luna

Challenge RewardsEdit

Earn points to receive special event challenge rewards. Earn the required amount of points to fulfill a Challenge objective. Rewards are obtained through Challenges on the home page and will be sent to your Inbox. Challenge Rewards can be confirmed by accessing the Rewards screen on the Event page. Event Challenge Rewards can be received until 11/5 at 3:00 am PDT/PST. Points earned during the event will be deleted after the maintenance on 11/5 at 3:00 am PDT/PST.

Reward Points Required
500 Pts ★4 Trixie, Trick of the Trade Element Dark Icon x1
1000 Pts Gem x5
1500 Pts Gem x30
2000 Pts Gem x5
2500 Pts Gem x5
3000 Pts Gem x30
4000 Pts Gem x10
5000 Pts Gem x10
7500 Pts Gem x30
10000 Pts Gem x10
15000 Pts Gem x10
20000 Pts Gem x55

Special Event EquipmentEdit

Event equipment may obtained from achieving particular Rankings.

Equipment Effects How to Obtain
Witch Costume Raises HP by 15%. Top 200 Ranks
Halloween Candy Restores HP at the end of each turn. Top 500 Ranks

Event DetailsEdit

Stated in-game

Halloween Knights Banner

In this event, players will participate in special, limited-time Arena battles against other players to see who can gain the most points.

Halloween KnightsEdit

Halloween Knights is an event in which players use special tickets called "Halloween Tickets" to participate in PvP battles and gain points. One "Halloween Ticket" is necessary for each battle. If you win a battle, you will receive 200 Pts. If you lose a battle, you will receive 40 Pts. When the battle starts, sometimes a "Challenger Attack" will happen. Defeat the challenger to receive 400 Pts.

Halloween TicketsEdit

Halloween Tickets are a special event item necessary to participate in event battles.

How to receive Halloween Tickets: 1. The Event page (twice daily) 2. Clear Quests 3. Halloween Knights Set

Automatically receive 3 Halloween Tickets twice daily (at 4 am/pm) by accessing the Halloween Knights Event page. Please keep in mind tickets not received before the refresh period cannot be reclaimed. Unlike Bounty Tickets, there is no limitation on how many tickets you may possess. Halloween Tickets will restock the following day. Tickets can be received as item drops after regular Quests are cleared. Tickets will not drop after clearing Daily Quests and Fairy Quests. Unused Halloween Tickets will be deleted once the event has ended.

Bonus UnitsEdit

Include the bonus units from the Halloween Scout, Halloween Knights Set, or Challenge Reward in your party to enjoy an increase in the number of points received during the Halloween Knights event!

[Halloween Scout]

Unit Points Obtained
★5 Ryujiro, The Fire Lighter 75 Points
★4 Stacy, Cure Maker 50 Points
★4 Epona, Star of the Show 50 Points

[Halloween Knights Set]

Unit Points Obtained
★5 Suzie, The Bewitcher 75 Points
★4 Envy, Tricky Mage 50 Points
★4 Rolenta, Lantern of Doom 50 Points

[Challenge Reward]

Unit Points Obtained
★4 Trixie, Trick of the Trade 50 Points

The above numbers show the amount of bonus points that may be received from a single battle. Bonus effects for the above units will not change even after evolving. Bonus points can be received by placing a bonus unit in your party and engaging in battle. Bonus points can be received from up to 4 bonus units. Bonus points will be received regardless of your opponent or if you win or lose.

★4 Unit - TrixieEdit

The Challenge Reward unit ★4 Trixie is limited to the Halloween Knights event. This unit cannot be evolved.

Normal ArenaEdit

The normal Arena is still accessible for the duration of the event. The normal Arena can be accessed by pressing the 'Normal Arena' button at the top of the Event Arena page. Event points cannot be earned through battles in the normal arena.


Event battle victories will not be taken into consideration for normal Arena Victory Count Rewards. Please be advised that the duration and details of this event are subject to change without notice.


Players found to have taken advantage of in-game bugs or who have used third-party tools will forfeit their event-specific items and rewards and may be banned from GRAND SPHERE permanently.

External LinksEdit

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