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Ondine of the Deep was a Bounty Event in Grand Sphere and is the fifth event of the game. It was preceded by Rhapsody of Torment and was followed by Goblin March. You were able to access this event in the Pub. It started after maintenance on October 9, 2015 and ended on October 16, 2015 at 3:00 AM PDT/PST.

New UnitsEdit

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The following units were introduced alongside this event on October 9, 2015:

Name Skill Ability Obtained From
Gemini, Patron of the Spring Icon
Gemini, Patron of the Spring
4★ Element Earth Icon
Woodland Blade
Earth ATK on one enemy
Spring of Truth
If HP < 50%, ATK UP
Ondine of the Deep Limited Time Fairy Set
Demetria, Razor of the Wood Icon
Demetria, Razor of the Wood
4★ Element Earth Icon
Eternal Pain
Earth DMG, may sleep
Mission Complete
Pierce ATK Power UP
Ondine of the Deep Limited Time Fairy Set
Mertina, Voice of the Arcane Icon
Mertina, Voice of the Arcane
4★ Element Fire Icon
Fiery Tome
Fire ATK on all enemies
Flaming Tome
Pierce ATK Power UP
Event Shop - 30,000 Blessings of Ondine
Cara, The Unforgetting Icon
Cara, The Unforgetting
5★ Element Earth Icon
Rose Maiden
Earth ATK on all enemies
Lay of the Land
All Earth units DEF UP
Event Shop - 95,000 Blessings of Ondine
Filmera, Lady Clarity Icon
Filmera, Lady Clarity
5★ Element Water Icon
Water of Wisdom
Water DMG over time to all enemies
Torrent of Light
Heals own HP after turn
Ondine of the Deep Limited Time Fairy Set

Event DetailsEdit

Stated in-game

Ondine of the Deep Banner

In this event, you will defeat Special Bounty Bosses, gather "Blessings of Ondine" and redeem them for various rewards at the Event Shop.

Changes From Last Bounty EventEdit

Raid Gauges will be added which give all participants a reward when a gauge is completely filled. Bonus Units will get an ATK Bonus.

Bonus Unit ATK BonusesEdit

There is a chance of receiving Bonus Units in the new Fairy Set Scout.

The following Bonus Units will have double ATK:

Name ATK ATK Bonus
4★ Gemini, Patron of the Spring Element Earth Icon 7,660 15,320
4★ Demetria, Razor of the Wood Element Earth Icon 7,180 14,360
5★ Cara, The Unforgetting Element Earth Icon 8,620 17,240

Bonus unit stats shown at max evo/level.

Raid Gauge RewardsEdit

Each rank of the Special Bounty Boss will have its own Raid Gauge. The Raid Gauge will gradually fill whenever the corresponding boss is defeated. When the Raid Gauge of a Special Bounty Boss completely fills up, all GRAND SPHERES (players) who have defeated that boss at least once will receive a reward at the end of the event. Rewards will be sent to the Inbox. The number of times a boss must be defeated to completely fill a Raid Gauge differs by Bounty Boss rank.

Times Needed to Defeat and RewardsEdit

Name Times Defeated Reward
1★ Boss 15,000 Times Link Pts x 2,000
2★ Boss 20,000 Times Luna x 10,000
3★ Boss 30,000 Times Gem x 100
4★ Boss 5,000 Times Medal x 300
6★ Boss 700 Times Gem x 200

Bounty BattlesEdit

Bounty Battles can be accessed through the Pub. You will join forces with other players to defeat bosses during Bounty Battles. You can join Bounty Battles from Rank 5. Join Bounty Battles by clicking the "Bounty Banner".

Battle TimesEdit

All times are PDT/PST

Battles were held during the following times:

7:00 am to 9:00 am
12:00 am to 2:00 pm
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
10:00 pm to 12:00 am

Special Bounty BossesEdit

In this event, you can face the special boss "Ondine" at 5 different levels of difficulty. The higher the rank of the boss you defeat, the more "Blessings of Ondine" you can receive. Earth units are particularly effective against this Bounty Boss. There is a rank requirement to participate in each respective boss battle.

Boss Rank Required Medals Blessings of Ondine
1★ Boss Rank 5 or higher
2★ Boss Rank 10 or higher 9 300
3★ Boss Rank 15 or higher
4★ Boss Rank 20 or higher 16 1200
6★ Boss Rank 30 or higher 24 2000

When a treasure chest appears during a boss battle, all players participating in that battle will receive the same item(s). The amount of "Blessings of Ondine" received from defeating Special Bounty Bosses may not always be the same. You may battle normal Bounty Bosses during this event, however, you will not receive any "Blessings of Ondine" from normal Bounty Bosses.

Event Reward UnitsEdit

The Event Reward Units are Filmera, Lady Clarity and Mertina, Voice of the Arcane. Details for each unit are on the Rewards page. Filmera, Lady Clarity and Mertina, Voice of the Arcane can be obtained at the Event Shop by exchanging Blessings of Ondine.

Special Event SpheresEdit

A Special Event Sphere called "Flourish Spheres" will appear only during Special Bounty Boss battles. Set a "Flourish Sphere" to ignore defense and deal heavy damage to a single enemy. Set a "Flourish Sphere" to an Earth unit to deal extreme damage. Set a "Flourish Sphere" for an extra effect that heals all units. "Flourish Spheres" will also appear during Sphere Chains. Pierce Spheres will not appear during Special Bounty Boss Battles. The Pierce Sphere effect up ability and equipment effects will be applied to "Flourish Spheres".

The Event ShopEdit

The limited-time Event Shop can be accessed through the "Event Shop" banner located in the Pub. "Blessings of Ondine" may be exchanged for different rewards. Defeat the Special Bounty Boss Ondine to receive this item. Please take into consideration that the number of items that may be exchanged is limited. After the Event Shop has closed, any unused Blessings of Ondine will be lost. You may possess up to 9,999,999 "Blessings of Ondine" at one time. Any received after the maximum amount has been exceeded will be lost.

Reward Cost Amount
5★ Filmera, Lady Clarity Element Water Icon 95,000 Blessings of Ondine 2
4★ Mertina, Voice of the Arcane Element Fire Icon 30,000 Blessings of Ondine 2
3★ Mana Egg +2 Element Water Icon 10,000 Blessings of Ondine 3
3★ Grimoire Element Earth Icon 1,000 Blessings of Ondine 10
3★ Mana Egg Element Fire Icon 500 Blessings of Ondine 200
3★ Mana Egg Element Water Icon 500 Blessings of Ondine 200
3★ Mana Egg Element Earth Icon 500 Blessings of Ondine 200
3★ Mana Egg Element Light Icon 500 Blessings of Ondine 200
3★ Mana Egg Element Dark Icon 500 Blessings of Ondine 200
3★ Fairy Element Earth Icon 500 Blessings of Ondine 20

Reward Cost Amount
Mythril Ore x1 5,000 Blessings of Ondine 5
Holy Lumber x1 5,000 Blessings of Ondine 5
Phoenix Pinion x1 5,000 Blessings of Ondine 5
Dragon Stone x1 5,000 Blessings of Ondine 5
Mythril Ore x1 5,000 Blessings of Ondine 5
Gems x50 5,000 Blessings of Ondine 6
Medal x50 500 Blessings of Ondine 6
Luna x1000 300 Blessings of Ondine 100
Link Point x100 100 Blessings of Ondine 100

Reward Cost Amount
2★ Ondine Element Water Icon 10,000 Blessings of Ondine 1


Please be advised that the duration and details of this event are subject to change without notice.


Players found to have taken advantage of in-game bugs or who have used illegal tools outside of the game will have event-specific items and rewards removed and may be banned from GRAND SPHERE permanently.

Notable BugsEdit

  • Failure during the "Ondine of the Deep" event where players were unable to obtain rewards after defeating Ondine. Players were compensated with 100 Gems and Bounty Ticket returns.
  • Filmera, Lady Clarity and Filmera, Lady Clarity +1 were unable to evolved even when meeting all of the required conditions for evolution.

External LinksEdit

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