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On the Pub at 7:00 am, 12:00 am, 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm (PDT/PST), bosses become available for two hours to be defeated by players together as a team of four (at least 2 players required).

The very first step before going into the fight itself is to create a bounty room with one of the 6 daily tickets given to you, 1 high risk ticket, or to join an existing one made by other player.

Players must defeat regular bosses within 10 turns if they want to succeed. High risk bosses battles extend up to 20 turns.

The bossesEdit

There are 5 regular bosses and 5 high risk bosses available. Each one of them with their own element.

Rank Name Element Turns Status effect Vulnerable
1 Brunhild Water 10
3 Berith Fire 10
3 Minotaur Earth 10
4 Argon Dark 10
5 Labartu Light 10
7 Horazon Water 20
8 Abbadon Earth 20 Poison
8 Hizama Fire 20 Confuse / Paralize
8 Basileus Dark 20 ??
9 Cetus Water 20 ??

Using the right elemental unit against a boss takes the most advantage, dealing increased damage and critical hit chance. Some bosses can inflict status with their special attacks, while others are vulnerable to them.

Available SpheresEdit

Description Note
Sphere assault


Deals large damage to 1 enemy.

Increases the critical hit chance.
Sphere blast


Attacks enemies at random 2 to 5 times.

Sphere pierce


Strong attack to 1 enemy. Ignores DEF.

Deals more damage.
Sphere heal

Heal One

Heals one unit.


Slightly heals units of all players.


Slightly raises ATK of units of all players starting the next turn.


Slightly raises DEF of units of all players starting the next turn.

Sphere SurgeEdit

Apart from the raid specific spheres, Assault, Remedy, Rally and Fortify, there is a chained damage system called Sphere Surge. It occurs once every two turns when there is enough chains made collectively. On a Sphere Surge chain turn, one sphere is selected randomly. If you or your teammates use that sphere for that turn, it chains into it. When there's at least 3 chains made, a massive attack happens at the end of the turn. Once it reaches 7+ chains, an animation scene with the players that contributed occur, dealing even more damage. In high risk bounties Sphere Surges with 8+ chains will deal bonus damage.


After completion, you receive some occasional High Risk Ticket (from regular bosses), Gold Ore, Medals (from regular bosses) and Dire Souls (from high risk bosses) as rewards. You can spend Medals and Dire Souls on the Medal Shop as currencies.

The amount of Medals and Dire Souls earned as Victory Reward is fixed and depends on the boss you attacked. However there are two other bonus criteria on the post battle rewards: either you created the room (with those 6 daily tickets, or a high risk ticket), and/or you dealt more damage to the boss than your teammates.

Regular bosses
Brunhild Berith Minotaur Argon Labartu
Victory Reward 200 240 240 340 400
Bounty Leader 200 240 240 340 400
Top 1 Damage 200 240 240 340 400
Top 2 Damage 120 204 240
Top 3 Damage 80
High risk bosses
Horazon Abbadon Hizama Basileus Cetus
Victory Reward 200 500 500 500 750
Bounty Leader 200 500 500 500
Top 1 Damage 200 500 500 500
Top 2 Damage 120 150 420
Top 3 Damage 80 100 280 200


It is possible to previously set 8 Bounty Messages in the game Menu with 16 max characters to be used while in battle with a Raid Boss.