The Shop is where one may purchase Gems, full AP restoration and unit list expansion.

Purchasing GemsEdit

Gems are the paid currency of the game. One can purchase them in the shop. Purchase rates will vary depending on the device being used.

Gems Price (tax included) (USD)
100 0.89
300 2.66
500 4.43
1000 8.87
3000 26.59
5000 44.32

Note: Any value or price can be changed without warning.

Gems may also be obtained from the following:

  • Login Reward
  • New Quest Rewards
  • Arena Weekly Milestone Rewards
  • Challenge Milestones
  • Event Rewards
  • Collecting the shiny spots every 12 hours in Town Plaza (5) and Arena Square (5)
  • Special bosses during Quest

Restore APEdit

It costs 100 Gems to restore one's AP.

Expand Unit ListEdit

It costs 100 Gems to expand the Unit list by 5 unit slots.

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