The Summer Gift Festival was a Gifting Event in Grand Sphere and was the third event of the game. It was preceded by Battle Faire and was followed by Rhapsody of Torment. You were able to access this event from the Town Square. It started after maintenance on September 25, 2015 and ended on October 2, 2015 at 3:00 AM PDT/PST.

New UnitsEdit


The following units were introduced alongside this event on September 25, 2015:

Name Skill Ability Obtained From
Fara, Scythe of Death Icon
Fara, Scythe of Death
4★ Element Dark Icon
Slayer Blade
Dark DMG, may paralyze
Swimsuit Blast
Reduces Water DMG by 1/2
Limited Time Summer Set
Lillian, Arrow of Silver Icon
Lillian, Arrow of Silver
4★ Element Light Icon
Light of Eternity
Light ATK on one enemy
Swimsuit Blast
Reduces Water DMG by 1/2
Limited Time Summer Set
Luvi, Heart of Steel Icon
Luvi, Heart of Steel
4★ Element Fire Icon
Blade of Hell
Fire ATK on one enemy
If HP is less than 30%, DEF UP
Gift 500 Times
Raechel, Caller of Spirits Icon
Raechel, Caller of Spirits
4★ Element Earth Icon
Spirited Wind
Earth ATK on all enemies
Swimsuit Blast
Reduces Water DMG by 1/2
Limited Time Summer Set
Allumeur, Iron Maiden Icon
Allumeur, Iron Maiden
5★ Element Fire Icon
Summer Cannon
Fire ATK on all enemies
Swimsuit Blast
Reduces Water DMG by 1/2
Limited Time Summer Set
Coral, The Enforcer Icon
Coral, The Enforcer
5★ Element Dark Icon
Onyx Saber
Dark ATK on all enemies
Shadow Strike
Pierce ATK Power UP
Gift 1,500 Times
Sybil, Shieldsworn Icon
Sybil, Shieldsworn
5★ Element Water Icon
Beachside Lance
Water ATK on one enemy
Swimsuit Blast
Reduces Water DMG by 1/2
Limited Time Summer Set

Gift RewardsEdit

Reward Exchanges
Gem x 10 50 times
Gem x 10 100 times
Gem x 10 150 times
Gem x 10 200 times
Gem x 10 300 times
Gem x 10 400 times
4★ Luvi, Heart of Steel Element Fire Icon 500 times
Gem x 30 600 times
Gem x 30 700 times
Gem x 30 800 times
Gem x 30 900 times
Gem x 30 1000 times
Gem x 30 1200 times
5★ Coral, The Enforcer Element Dark Icon 1500 times
Gem x 50 2000 times
Gem x 50 Every 200 gifts afterwards

How to PlayEdit

Stated in-game


1.) Send gifts to Friends and other players.
2.) If the person you send a gift returns the favor, you can get items!
3.) The more times you exchange, the better the rewards.

Besides receiving gifts, each time you log in to the event, you can also get them as drops from clearing quests! A Platinum Gift counts as 20 regular Gift exchanges! Platinum Gifts have a small chance of dropping after Quest clears and are also included in Summer Set Scouts!

Gifts will be received immediately after players have logged into the Event. Gifts and Platinum Gifts drop during regular Quests as well as Daily Quests and the Limited Quest, Flight of Fairies. Gifts can be sent to the same user once every hour. Even if an hour has passed since you sent a Gift, another gift cannot be sent until that player has sent a Gift in return.

About Bonus UnitsEdit

Include special bonus units from the "Summer Set" Scout in your party to enjoy an increased chance of Platinum Gift drops when clearing Quests!

Special bonuses will be conferred to bonus units even after they have been Evolved. Placing multiple bonus units into your party may result in increased bonuses.


After the event has ended, Gifts and Platinum Gifts cannot be sent to others or received. Gifts and Platinum Gifts that have not been used will be deleted after the event has ended. Special bonuses conferred to units are limited to this event. They will no longer be in effect after the event has ended. Please be advised that the duration and details of this event are subject to change without notice. Players found to have taken advantage of in-game bugs or who have used illegal tools outside of the game will have event-specific items and rewards removed and may be banned from GRAND SPHERE permanently.

External LinksEdit

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