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Summons are special units that are only available for use during story missions/battles. Summons are divided into one of the five attributes (fire, water, earth, light and dark) and one of three ranks.

In order to use a summon's active ability, one must use burst points which are acquired each time a sphere is used in battle (1 burst point for each sphere). Based on the rank of the summons, the burst points will vary for using the active ability.

Rank 1★  = 5 burst points
Rank 2★ = 10 burst points
Rank 3★ = 15 burst points

Available SummonsEdit

Name Attribute Rank Passive Active Obtained From
Element Light Icon
1★ Raises HP of Light attribute units Sacred Light

Light DMG to single enemy.

Element Earth Icon
1★ Raises ATK of Earth units Earth DMG to all enemies, raises ATK of allies. Goblin Event
Element Water Icon
1★ Raises HP of Water attribute units Scourge of the Sea

Water DMG to enemies.

Element Earth Icon
1★ Raises HP of Earth attribute units Blessing of the Shroud

Restores HP of all allies.

30000 Medals
Element Dark Icon
2★ Raises ATK of Dark attribute units Roar of Ragnarok

Dark DMG to single enemy.

Element Fire Icon
2★ Raises ATK of Fire attribute units

Fire DMG to enemies.

180000 Medals
Element Earth Icon
2★ Raises ATK of Earth attribute units Forest Storm

Earth DMG to enemies, Earth resistance.

Element Earth Icon
2★ Raises HP of Earth units Feline Feint Paw

Earth DMG to single enemy, may confuse

The Coolest Cat
Element Light Icon
3★ Raises HP of all allies Holy Radiance

Light DMG to enemies. Heals HP.

Element Fire Icon
3★ Raises ATK of Fire units Raging Blaze

Fire DMG to enemies, Fire resistance

Element Dark Icon
3★ Raises ATK of all allies

Chaos Beam

Dark DMG to enemies.

300000 Medals

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